Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are crucial to teaching at King’s College London. Most of us are PhD students, who are keen to teach and committed to providing a high standard of education to our students. Often, this means working unpaid hours, job insecurity, marking against the clock, little supervision, poor facilities, growing class sizes and little or no adequate training.

The KCL GTA Fair Pay campaign was launched in 2014. GTAs from across the college came together to campaign for fair pay and an end to exploitation. We conducted a survey into the conditions of GTAs in the college and results presented a damning picture of exploitation within the university, with 96% of GTAs working more than their contracted hours to perform their teaching duties.

Exploitative conditions are increasingly common across the sector. In HE, 33% of the labour force is on a temporary contract with only 51% on permanent contracts that include both teaching and research.

In 2018, we’re still fighting. While we have won some victories, multiple issues around fair pay and adequate training remain to be fully addressed.

Support the campaign

The campaign is open to anybody at King’s College London concerned about issues related to hourly-paid and casual academic staff at KCL. We are looking to build links with other campaigns working on similar issues. Join our closed Facebook group to get involved in the campaign.

Find us on twitter @KingsGTAs

Email us kclgtacampaign at gmail dot com

Current GTA, or GTA in 2016-2017? We’re collecting anonymous testimony to take to College management. Share your experience here.


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